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#12071 RuneSlayer now has IRC!

Posted by Balista on 19 November 2011 - 11:59 AM

Why couldn't you?

#11677 RuneSlayer now has IRC!

Posted by Balista on 26 October 2011 - 07:56 PM

For those of you that want to join, but don't know how, here you go.

First off, go to www.mibbit.com, click where it says "launch app" under "Want to try Mibbit without an account?"

Wait for it to load and update, then click server and type in irc.swiftirc.net.

In the nick field, put whatever name you want to use

In the channel field, type "runeslayer.

Edit: Seems like it works for some people, and not for others...

If it doesn't work for you, download MIRC here.

Install it into whatever directory you want, and open the program. Type whatever name in the "nickname" field. then click ok. You should have a giant white screen, similar to this:

Posted Image

If you have that, type: /server irc.swiftirc.net

If it doesn't automatically connect you, click the lightning bolt in the upper left hand corner. After it connects you (you will know by having a dialog box popup, just close out of it), type: /join #runeslayer

You are now connected, and can chat with everyone. Feel free to talk about whatever, or ask me for more details about IRC :P