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Best And Worst Of 2013

27 December 2013 - 02:46 PM

If you were not aware, it is almost the end of the year. Time to summarise some of my favourite and hated updates from the year once again.


This list does not include any Microtransaction or Old School updates as they would otherwise fill the Worst Update category. For the quest categories, bear in mind that there were only six quests released this year. This was quite disappointing but it was made even worse by two of them being quest remakes, meaning we only got four true new quests.




Category: Best Non-Quest Update Of 2013

RuneScape 3 Now Live

(Included RuneScape 3 and The Battle of Lumbridge)

To begin with, many players were put off by the new interface. However, I found it rather easy to use and it makes gameplay much easier. It does still have some problems (the main ones for me are when I change my window size and when I play on a small screen) but many have been addressed. On the subject of the World Events, I have quite enjoyed the two this year towards the beginning but they are very much time saps and grinds. For the next one they need to reduce time needed each day further down to about an hour in order to keep it interesting. They also need to make it less of a pushover - both winning teams kept the lead throughout (so far at least).


Special mention:
God Emissaries - Was good to show your faction and the tasks were rather enjoyable.
Well of Goodwill - Being able to give to charity through playing games was a good concept.




Category: Best Quest Update Of 2013
The World Wakes

The plot was great - SPOILERS - but this was not the only good point. The bosses were quite challenging yet one could defeat them without too much trouble after planning. The rewards were reasonable and the ability to play without many requirements opened it up to most players. The events which transpired have resulted in much of the content released this year. Choices and decisions improved the story a lot and help you to feel as though you are making a difference... because you are.


Special mention:
Missing, Presumed Death - The plot was rather good even if the gameplay was easy.
The Death of Chivalry - Being able to defy Saradomin and make a number of difficult decisions improved on the original quest.




Category: Worst Non-Quest Update Of 2013
Castle Wars: Revamped

Castle Wars has been updated so many times without any real need for a change. If players go to Castle Wars, they do not gain much in the way of experience and money. To encourage players to play there more, maybe adding these as rewards would be an option. No. Instead they offer the same old rewards which are no longer used. This whole update just felt like it was not planned and empty, adding nothing to the game. They did not even fix the completionist cape requirements.


Special mention:
Lumbridge Rebuildathon - Was a bit broken, not fun and just not to a high standard.
15 Days of Christmas - Chances of getting a hat were so low that this was not worth much effort.




Category: Worst Quest Update Of 2013
Demon Slayer

This did not need to be remade, but it was remade to be even shorter. After a few easy puzzles, you then face off against Delrith again. Delrith was more deadly than any boss in The World Wakes, killing me on my first attempt without any explanation as to why. On the next go, they get slaughtered easily. I feel this remake was not needed and did not add to the story.


Special mention:
Bringing Home the Bacon - Had good concepts but was a bit too short.
Birthright of the Dwarves - There were some bugs and plot holes and the final fight could only be won using a door.




2013 was not a good year overall, with many of the updates being small - the sort of content which would have appeared in the footers and patch notes of old. However, the God storyline has been the one saving, carrying feature of the year.

The Bird And The Beast Unique Reward Guide

11 December 2013 - 03:02 PM

- Note: This may change with future updates. -


It is time for the next event (or, for collectors like me, six weeks of grinding torture). If you also want all rewards, this may help.


Renown Rewards:


This includes armour, titles, emotes and abilities.


Currently the total costs are as follows:

All unique rewards for one team: 721000

Unique rewards for second team: 563000

All unique rewards: 1284000


There is currently a limit of 30000 renown a day which takes between two to three hours without PVP enabled. Estimating that there will be six weeks of seven days, this gives at most 126000. So, if there are no changes, it looks like all rewards may be impossible.


However, like last time they may add a discount. Prices could be changed before tier release as well.


Some rewards are available after the event. Armour is obtainable from killing monsters in Godwars and the abilities are rare drops from the bosses. As bosses are more difficult than monsters, I advise still purchasing the abilities.


Ignoring armour then:

All unique rewards for one team: 521000

Unique rewards for second team: 363000

All unique rewards: 884000


Taking into account that some tiers may be unavailabe until week 3, it is still possible to get all unique rewards with renown excluding armour.


Sacred Metal Rewards:


To get all weapon parts, you require 8000 sacred metal. The components themselves are quite common (after the first day I already have all four parts for one team). Note if you have metal left from the last event, these can not be used.


There is no limit to sacred metal each day, but it may not be to your advantage to farm early if they decide to add better sources near the end again. The best method so far seems to be following the caravans as opposed to camping a construction site. Finishing off (enemies, buildings, depositing energy) gives large chunks but are quite rare. The single best reliable source for me has been divination.


On average, one can get about 300 a day just by capping with PvP off and around 150 with PvP on. As of Phase 4, I have 6000 metal - this should be a rough guide.


Easy Capping:


The fastest way to cap is through player killing and visiting caravans or buildings. However, if you are outnumbered by the other team and at a lower level then this can just waste time and not earn anything. The next fastest method is to have PVP off and to visit nearby caravans. This does need a lot of moving though. The slowest method is to have PVP off and to visit buildings and to construct or destroy them. This is quite slow but is afkable, even more so than in the first event.


If you want the most experience, leave PvP off.

The Battle Of Lumbridge Unique Reward Guide

23 July 2013 - 10:57 AM

- Note: This may change with future updates. -


It will be a struggle to get all the unique rewards from this event, so I hope this can help.


Weapon overrides: There are six of these available, each requiring 1000 Sacred Metal Fragments and a weapon piece.

Total needed is therefore 6000 Sacred Metal Fragments, Icyenic Bowstaff, Icyenic Greathammer Head, Icyenic Orb, Infernal Bowstaff, Infernal Greathammer Head and Infernal Orb. The only way to get these items is by killing enemy soldiers. Only method is to just keep killing until you are lucky to get them all.


Skilling titles: There are four of these titles, obtained from skilling at one of the crystal plots. There are four of these which are The Eternal, The Powerful, The Boundless and The Virtuous. Only method is to just keep skilling until you are lucky to get them all.


Renown rewards: As the rewards are different, you would need to swap teams in order to collect every reward. In total there are three emotes for each team, three titles for each team (they are the same except with different colours) and there are six pieces of hybrid armour. The total cost for one side is 47k so 94k in total for both. You also need to have a Dragon Token to buy some of the items. With 70 days and a cap of around 3k, the most one can earn is  210k. On average you are therefore required to collect about 1.5k tears each day.


It is possible to stay with one team for 6 weeks and then swap in week 7 and still get all the rewards.


S: 9K+16k+22k

Swap to Z (Now week 7)

Z: 9k+16k+22k


Need to earn 47k in weeks 1-6 then 47k in weeks 7-10.


However, it may be to your advantage if after maxing during the same tier instead of farming for the next tier you swap sides and farm for them.


S: 9k

Swap to Z (Now week 1)

Z: 9k+16k

Swap to S (Now week 4)

S: 16k+22k

Swap to Z (Now week 7)

Z: 22k


Need to earn 34k in weeks 1-3, 38k in weeks 4-6 then 22k in weeks 7-10.


With this method, you will only need to earn 22k in the final four weeks as opposed to 47k. You will always have the high enough God Token to redeem the rewards however the rate of gathering may be slower due to God Token reset and the overflow could mean you do not get as many lamps. If you have more free time in the first six weeks, I would use the second method and if you have more free time in the last four weeks use the first.


There may be future changes and additions due to updates.

Corpse Party: Book of Shadows

09 January 2013 - 10:10 AM

In less than a week (in the US, but hopefully not so long after in the UK) the second main Corpse Party game, Corpse Party: Book of Shadows, will be released for PSP and PS Vita. For those who do not know about the series, it is about a group of students who unknowingly perform a ritual which takes them to a cursed school. They are trapped there and try to escape, but there are evil spirits and other beings trying to prevent them... You die a lot in the game, in many lovely ways. If you are interested, check out http://www.corpsepartypsp.com/.


My two favourite endings from the first game were


Presents Will Rot Soon

29 December 2012 - 10:21 AM

As the presents are soon to be removed, I thought it would be good to give away those which I do not need.


I currently have:



If you need either of those I will try to get them to you. I also have a full set of each bar the purple but I am hoping to get a purple before it finishes.


Update: No presents remain!