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The Bird And The Beast Unique Reward Guide

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#1 Frau Koujiro

Frau Koujiro

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Posted 11 December 2013 - 03:02 PM

- Note: This may change with future updates. -


It is time for the next event (or, for collectors like me, six weeks of grinding torture). If you also want all rewards, this may help.


Renown Rewards:


This includes armour, titles, emotes and abilities.


Currently the total costs are as follows:

All unique rewards for one team: 721000

Unique rewards for second team: 563000

All unique rewards: 1284000


There is currently a limit of 30000 renown a day which takes between two to three hours without PVP enabled. Estimating that there will be six weeks of seven days, this gives at most 126000. So, if there are no changes, it looks like all rewards may be impossible.


However, like last time they may add a discount. Prices could be changed before tier release as well.


Some rewards are available after the event. Armour is obtainable from killing monsters in Godwars and the abilities are rare drops from the bosses. As bosses are more difficult than monsters, I advise still purchasing the abilities.


Ignoring armour then:

All unique rewards for one team: 521000

Unique rewards for second team: 363000

All unique rewards: 884000


Taking into account that some tiers may be unavailabe until week 3, it is still possible to get all unique rewards with renown excluding armour.


Sacred Metal Rewards:


To get all weapon parts, you require 8000 sacred metal. The components themselves are quite common (after the first day I already have all four parts for one team). Note if you have metal left from the last event, these can not be used.


There is no limit to sacred metal each day, but it may not be to your advantage to farm early if they decide to add better sources near the end again. The best method so far seems to be following the caravans as opposed to camping a construction site. Finishing off (enemies, buildings, depositing energy) gives large chunks but are quite rare. The single best reliable source for me has been divination.


On average, one can get about 300 a day just by capping with PvP off and around 150 with PvP on. As of Phase 4, I have 6000 metal - this should be a rough guide.


Easy Capping:


The fastest way to cap is through player killing and visiting caravans or buildings. However, if you are outnumbered by the other team and at a lower level then this can just waste time and not earn anything. The next fastest method is to have PVP off and to visit nearby caravans. This does need a lot of moving though. The slowest method is to have PVP off and to visit buildings and to construct or destroy them. This is quite slow but is afkable, even more so than in the first event.


If you want the most experience, leave PvP off.


#2 Bhunivelze


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Posted 27 December 2013 - 05:57 PM

On average, one can get about 300 a day just by capping. At the end of week one, I have near 3000 so it is quite easy to get them a

This is only half true. You gain about half that if you have PvP turned on, because capping takes less actions, and therefore results in less shards. As an example, I've capped everyday with PvP on (I would guess 80% from buildings and 20% from PvP and caravans) and I have ~1300 shards. At this rate, I'll be forced to start capping with PvP off to get all 8k needed for the overrides. I've also noticed (though not confirmed) that you do NOT appear to gain metal shards from buildings after capping, or if you do it's at such a slow rate that it's not even worth trying to farm for them if you've already capped.

#3 Frau Koujiro

Frau Koujiro

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Posted 27 December 2013 - 06:19 PM

The average may be quite a bit lower for PvP, I have not tested as I have the time to complete with PvP off and it earns me more construction experience. Added the PvP value to the post.


It is currently possible to gain metal shards by building after capping. I did this on a number of days in the second week and it does work out to give a fair number - if you AFK and watch something at the same time you can get ~ 50 - 100 an hour for minimum effort. Again, this was with PvP off.


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