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Kennith's Concerns

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Posted 08 January 2012 - 09:47 AM

Title: Kennith's Concerns
Author(s): Njzj

Where to Start: Kents house in Witchaven
How to Start: Talk to Kennith
Length: Medium
Difficulty: Intermediate
Requirements: 46 Mining
Items Needed: Any pickaxe
Recommendations: Explorers ring, energy potions/super energy potions

1.) Section: Concerns
Talk to Kennith to begin the quest
Enter the shrine caves, go through
Talk to one of them who will now let you through
Once in the room talk to Ezekial
Enter the wooden door (logging out at this point will reset the room your in, go through the metal door and follow the path to continue)

Run behind the minecarts and click crouch on them to hide
None of the villagers can face the hole in the wall, travelling to the doors(through aglity shortcut if you want)

Talk to the villagers who will not let you enter
Pass back over the rocks and a cutscene involving a cave-in wall ocurr
Go back to kennith, just like any kid he is bored and wants you to find his parents.
Head east of the church to find his parents, talk to Kent who will hand you a note saying to meet him near the legends guild
Head North to the legends guild and talk to him
Head back South to the villages northernmost house
Talk to Kimberly, a cutscene will appear with villagers surrounding the house.

Get them all to follow you into the church, the run outside and close the door trapping them inside
Go back and talk to Kimberly

She will walk to Kennith, follow her adn once she arrives talk to her
More vilagers will arive, trap them in the church just like last time, then talk to Kimberly again
She wil then leave and walk to Ezikials fish shop

Talk to her, then to Ezikial who will then leave his shop
Talk to Kimberly once again to comfort her before you leave
Head back to the two villagers in the Shrine Cave and talk to them

Part 2: Puzzles
Follow the map
Posted Image
Go south then east and finally north open the door using the lever to let Ezekial through.Run back through the passage and go through the door
You will then talk to Kent and his Wife who are obviously possesed by sea slugs
Go through the next door after a talk to Ezekial

Follow the map mining the numbered ore, using the vents and following the path( as before if any villager can see you, you will be removed losing all ore)
Posted Image
After all 4 vents are used leave using the door
Talk to Ezekial
Follow the instuctions on the map, hiding, mining, and using the vents

Posted Image
Go through the door
Talk to Clive
Go back through the caves to the first room
Talk to Kennith who has lost his train
Ask Kimberly where the train is, Remember this as it is different for each person
Look around the area on the ground for a toy train ( there is no minimap dot) picture of what to look for
Posted Image
Once you find the train return to Kennith and use the train on him, trying to talk to him does not work
A cutscene will play warning you of the queen

Posted Image

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